Dennis Sobin, Director of Safe Streets Arts Foundation
sings and plays all acoustic and electric guitars on 19 songs.
All art created by imprisoned artists.

The Thin Blue Line Trailer

TDCJ Prison Cellphone Scandle

Correctional Association of Texas

Solutions to Texas' Prison Capacity Crisis

Re-Entry: Transitional Housing

Effective Parole Policies Prevent Prison Overcrowding

WRIT WRITER tells the story of Fred Cruz,
an ordinary Texas prison inmate who
became an extraordinary leader of the
prisoners’ rights movement in the 1960s.

WRIT WRITER: story of Fred Cruz - Part 2

Innocence Project - Chris Ochoa

Riz Khan - Wrongfully convicted in Texas
1 May 08

Work Songs in a Texas Prison

Love in Prison?

Houston rappers come into TDCJ unit
to interact with Juvenile Offenders

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