Video 1 Section:
Dennis Sobin, Ex-Prisoner and Director of
Safe Streets Arts Foundation sings and plays 19 songs.
The Thin Blue Line [Movie-Trailer]
Texas Criminal Justice System
Correctional Association of Texas
Solutions to Texas' Prison Capacity Crisis
Re-Entry: Transitional Housing
Effective Parole Policies Prevent Prison Overcrowding
Writ Writer tells the story of Fred Cruz - Part 1 & 2
David Pope on life after DNA exoneration
Innocence Project - Chris Ochoa
Riz Khan - Wrongfully convicted in Texas
Work Songs in a Texas Prison
Love In Prison?
Houston rappers come into TDCJ unit
to interact with Juvenile Offenders

Video 2 Section:
An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story
At the Death House Door
Heliberto Chi - Death Row, Texas Interview
State of Texas v. Rodney Reed
Innocent Man Executed in Texas
Huntsville, Texas death-row prison cemetery
Rosemary Lehmberg; Travis County DA - On the Issues
“Death by Texas” Song By; Vikki Panetti
About the death penalty
Race To Execution | PBS
Lethal Injection: Jeffrey Toobin
Death Penalty Effects
Execution Scene on "Dead Man Walking"

Video 3 Section:
System of a Down- Prison Song
Inside American Jail
Prison Nation
"Prison Town, USA"
"Prison Profiteers"
Profiting from Prisoner Abuse
Hutto-A Family Prison: Part I
STOPMAX Campaign
Modern Day Slavery: Racism and the Drug War
Guards vs. Inmates
Correctional Officers and Prison Inmates
Correctional Officers at work
What a Correction Officer Should Know!
How to conduct a strip search in prison
Women Behind Bars
Kids Behind Bars
America's Hardest Prisons

Video 4 Section:
[These videos may not be suitable for minors.]
Resolution (The Torture Song)
No Way Out - In Prison
Prison Tattoos
Sex in Prison
Prison Predators
Prison Rape; Fact Vs. Myth
Men Rape in Prison
No Escape: Prison Rape in a Texas Prison
Lockup: Americas Toughest Prison

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