Death Row Stories

Sunday nights at 9 ET/PT on CNN
Death Row Stories is a series of one-hour documentaries.
Each episode attempts to unravel the truth behind a
different capital murder case. Executive produced by
Alex Gibney and Robert Redford and narrated by Susan Sarandon,
these stories call into question various beliefs surrounding America's
justice system and the death penalty.

The Road to Livingston

World Premiere of Film About Delia Perez Meyer
at Austin Film Festival: Oct 27 and Oct 29, 2013

David R. Dow: Lessons From Death Row Inmates

Abolitionist Action Committee (AAC)

Abolish The Death Penalty Blog

Abolish The Death Penalty Now

Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement

Death Row Inner-Communalist Vanguard Engagement



Texas Death Penalty History

Faces Of Death Row

Justice For All?
Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty

Their Last Meals

Texas Death Row Last Meals

Killers Last Meals

Last Meals of Innocent Men Campaign

Issue of Life or Death

Alen Pogue Death in Texas
Documentary Photographs

Polunsky Unit - Welcome to Hell

Texas Death Gurney

Witness to an Execution

Putting a Human Face
on Texas Death Row

Supreme Court Allows Lethal
Injection for Execution


The justices, by a 7-2 vote,
rejected a constitutional
challenge to the procedures
in place in Kentucky,
which uses three drugs
to sedate, paralyze
and kill inmates.

Text of the Opinion (pdf)

Bloody Decision [pdf]

Justices Chilly to Bid
to Alter Death Penalty

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Supreme Court


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