"An Eye For An Eye"
    By Israeli Documentary Filmmaker Ilan Ziv
    Premieres Oct. 28,
    Shifts Election Focus From Division To Forgiveness

    The powerful documentary AN EYE FOR AN EYE, comes to select U.S. theaters beginning October 28th with a message of forgiveness and healing for a country racked by divisive rhetoric. Directed by award winning filmmaker Ilan Ziv, AN EYE FOR AN EYE tells the story of death row inmate Mark Stroman, and the friendship he ultimately forges with one of his surviving victims Rais Bhuiyan, who sets about to save Stroman from death row as part of his Muslim faith.

    As part of the film's message of tolerance and forgiveness, and its anti-death penalty position, film director Ilan Ziv will host select Q & A's following screenings.

    Film Synopsis: In the weeks following 9/11, dozens of attacks against Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities were reported across America. Among the perpetrators was Mark Stroman, who began "hunting Arabs," as he described his nightly prowling. He set targets on anyone he thought came from the Middle East. His victims happened to be immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. He killed 2 and partially blinded a young man from Bangladesh. He was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

    In a rare twist of fate, in the weeks before an impending execution, his only surviving victim became his biggest advocate - Rais Bhuiyan, a devoted Muslim, began a campaign to spare Mark's life in the name of Islam and mercy.

    With unprecedented access and in-depth interviews, the film charts this riveting drama of revenge, change and forgiveness. At its heart is the profound bond forged between Stroman and the Israeli born filmmaker Ilan Ziv. For the first time in Mark's life, the narrative of hate starts to wear off as he begins a journey inward that challenges some of his most intolerable thoughts about the people and the world he lives in. A powerful human drama that carries a warning and a message of hope in our troubled times.

    View the trailer for the film: HERE

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    The 17th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty
    will take place Saturday October 29, 2016
    in Austin at the Texas Capitol.
    We will gather at 2:00 pm
    on the south side of the Texas Capitol.


    Help Stop the Execution of Rodney Reed
    Rally for Rodney Reed:
    Saturday, February 21,
    Rally to Stop the Execution
    Of Rodney Reed
    At the Texas State Capitol
    In Austin at 2:00 PM.
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      15th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty:
      Saturday October 25, 2014 in Houston


        October 11-13 in Plainfield, IN

        Your Cordially Invited


        Featured Speaker:
        Dr. Jason Glenn;
        Prof UTMB Expert on race &
        The Criminal Justice System.

        S.H.A.P.E. Community Center
        3815 Live Oak
        Houston 77004

        *Monday, February 25, 2013
        Reception: 6:30PM ~
        Forum 7:00PM
        Sponsored by the
        Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement

        Meetings 1st Tues at SHAPE, 79:00 PM
        For more information:
        713-503-2633 or


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        About the Symposium:

        The symposium will focus on the historical link between lynching and the death penalty, their similarities and differences,
        and the enduring role of lynching and race discrimination in contemporary capital litigation.

        Keynote address by Bryan Stevenson: Lynching, Racial History and Death Penalty Disqualification.

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        Register now for the CEDP's 11th Annual Convention!

        Date: November 11, 2011 - 8:15 pm
        Location: Ventana Del Soul, Austin, Texas
        For More Information Click HERE.

        12th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty

        2 PM on October 22, 2011
        Austin, Texas at the State Capitol

        The 12th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty will be held in Austin at 2 PM on October 22, 2011 at the Texas Capitol. Join the Facebook event page. Each October since 2000, people from all walks of life and all parts of Texas, the U.S. and other countries have taken a day out of their year and gathered in Austin to raise their voices together and loudly express their opposition to the death penalty. The march is a coming together of activists, family members of those on death row, community leaders, exonerated former death row prisoners and all those calling for abolition.

        The annual march is organized as a joint project by several Texas organizations working together: Texas Moratorium Network,the Austin chapter of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty,the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement,Texas Students Against the Death Penalty,Texas Death Penalty Education and Resource Center, Kids Against the Death Penalty, the Texas Civil Rights Project, Amnesty International - UT Chapter and national organizations including Journey of Hope from Violence to Healing and Witness to Innocence.

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      12th Annual March to
      Abolish the Death Penalty

      Oct 22,2011
      in Austin Texas

      The 18th Annual Fast & Vigil
      in Washington, DC
      June 28th - July 2nd, 2011

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