Correctional Officer Eligibility Criteria:

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are ready for a challenge, willing to learn, and prepared to work as a team member in a structured environment, we encourage you to consider employment as a TDCJ Correctional Officer.

*You must be a citizen of the U.S., or an alien authorized to work in the U.S.

*You must be at least 18 years old.

*You must possess a High School Diploma from an accredited senior high school or equivalent, or a state or military-issued General Education Development (GED) certificate. View information about foreign education credentials.

*You must not be on active duty in the military, unless on terminal leave.
(Applicants may screen if they are within 6 months of eligibility.)

*You must never have been convicted of a felony. Additional information.

*You must never have been convicted of a drug-related offense. Additional information.

*You must never have been convicted of an offense involving domestic violence.
Additional information.

*You cannot have had a Class A or B misdemeanor conviction within the past 5 years.
Additional information.

*You cannot be on probation for any criminal offense.

*You cannot have any criminal charges pending or have an outstanding warrant.

*You must be able to perform the essential functions of a Correctional Officer, with or without reasonable accommodation.

*You must pass the TDCJ Pre-Employment Test. Answer sample test questions.

*You must pass the TDCJ Drug Test

*Male applicants, age 18 through 25, must provide proof of Selective Service registration or exemption from Selective Service registration. If you are not registered, you may register by clicking the following link: Click Here

Additional Information
For all TDCJ purposes, conviction of a criminal offense includes paid fine, time served, placed on probation (includes deferred adjudication), and court ordered restitution.

*Vacation leave
*Sick leave
*Paid holidays
*Group life and health insurance
*Dental programs
*Free meals while on duty
[Provided by Inmates]
*Uniforms and equipment are furnished at no cost.
[Made by Inmates]
*Laundry of uniforms is furnished at no cost.
[Service provided by Inmates]

Full-Time and Part-Time Correctional Officer Salary:
Effective September 1, 2011

From $2,319.05 To $3,086.39

From $1,373.02 To $2,319.05


The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Code of Ethical Conduct is a fundamental element of the Agency’s mission of providing public safety, promoting positive offender change and reintegration into the society, and assisting victims of crime.

As a reflection of our mission statement, the Code of Ethical Conduct serves as a practical guide for all employees. This code embodies a fundamental respect for the constitutional rights of all people. It is the responsibility of each employee to adhere to the Agency’s Code of Ethical Conduct.

I shall:
* Maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality.

* Uphold all federal, state and local laws, and adhere to the agency’s policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

* Be firm, fair and consistent in the performance of my duties, without retribution, retaliation, harassment or abuse toward others.

* Provide and support the provision of humane custody, supervision and care of offenders.

* Not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, geographic location or economic status.

* Not sexually harass or condone sexual harassment against any person, and shall report any violations of this policy to the appropriate authorities.

* Maintain confidentiality of information that has been entrusted to me, in my official capacity, unless legally compelled or authorized to release the information.

* Not use my official position for unauthorized personal gain or the unauthorized personal gain of my friends or family.

* Not conduct myself in any manner which may lead any person or entity to expect official favors.

* Recognize that the Code of Ethical Conduct is a symbol of the agency’s commitment to the public and a direct reflection on the employee as an individual.

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