+ The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3807 advocates for TDCJ to house death-row prisoners who pose the lowest security risk in cells with other inmates. The union also calls for the prison system to introduce privileges such as work assignments, streaming television and technology such as computer tablets—all in an effort to reduce the psychological trauma of inmates and the potential confrontations with guards. It’s a particularly powerful statement given the attitude of labor unions to prisoner rights and solitary confinement elsewhere in the country.

    + Regional VI (Austin) Mr. Campuzano for reinstating TPNS Member back on her husband's and nephew's visitation list.

    + Region V (Amarillo) - Mr. Cooper

    + Parole Board in Angleton; Ms. Garcia

    + Warden Westfall and Chaplain Ray of Coffield Unit, were especially helpful during a crisis with a TPNS Member's husband's Mother, both men were compassionate, gave the inmate the info immediately and helped get phones calls to each other so that he would know how his Mom was progressing after her massive coronary.

    + Warden Caskey; Boyd Unit

    + Warden Hudson; SR. Warden of the Boyd Unit

    + Ms. Ward; she is in the Warden's office at the Estelle Unit

    + Ms. Hawkins; she is the Warden's Secretary at the Hamilton Unit

    + Capt. Skau; McConnell Unit. "I appreciated the way he spoke to me when I called him." [TPNS Member]

    + Mr. Gates who works the first gate at the Michael/Coffield unit. He found some shot gun shells that my son had put in the trunk (I didn't know they were in there) and he allowed me to come back to the front of the line instead of getting behind the 150 other cars still waiting on a Holiday weekend. Those of us who go all the time are recognized and Mr. Gates knew I'd never given them any problems so he treated me like he would have liked to have been treated and I really appreciate that.

    + The Visitation Guards at Coffield, especially Mrs. Elliott. They are always polite and make our visits so much more enjoyable. I have only had a conflict with one of the gaurds but one out of 20 isn't too bad.


    - Warden James Mooneyham at the C. Moore Unit in Bonham, TX

    - Warden Grounds at the Hughes Unit, she is known to remove wives from their husband's visitation list under false allegation. It was reported that she does not like intermarriages.

    - Officer McNutt [what a name!]

    - Sergeant Delavan

    - Warden Lorimier at Mark Stiles Unit

    - Captain Perez at Clements Unit

    - Warden Price (Moved from Clements)

    -Warden Walker at Clements Unit

    - Sergeant (blonde headed woman) at Coffield

    - Officer Richardson and - Captain Grey; Telford Unit
    According to the Law Library, the Employee Rules of Conduct (PD-22) state that what the above named employees did was in violation of prohibited conduct by horse playing, by using me in an offensive practical joke, substandard Duty Performance by not adhering to ethical and professional standards, and harassment by singling me out and harassing me and making fun of my genetic make-up. By; JB; Inmate at the Telford Unit

    - Retired Warden Merchant. Still may imposed a threat. He was outed by his staff when he was at the Darrington Unit.


    X- Senior Warden C. Thomas O'Reilly, leader of the Huntsville Unit prison.
    O'Reilly is being punished for using profanity during an argument with other Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials, including his superiors, after they had all gathered for the execution of Reginald Perkins. He will serve a two-day suspension without pay next week. After that, he will be on probation for three months.

    X- Rusty Lamar, a former corrections officer, appalled at his attitude toward the well-being of inmates.

    X- Vonda Rafter was accused of assigning a confirmed gang member to a janitorial job and mistreating an offender by confiscating his personal property as a disciplinary action, said TDCJ spokeswoman Michelle Lyons.

    X- In March former Terrell Unit corrections officer Derrick Rice was charged with bribing several families of inmates at the unit to bring prohibited tobacco products to the inmates.

    X- 23 yrs old Cody is a CO with TDCJ. Currently working at the Byrd Unit. Cody says, in his blog entry on, "all I think about is taking the first chance I get to blast an inmates face off with a shotgun." This was reported in the Newspaper.


    X- OIG Invesigator Sanchez at Darrington Unit; lied about investigation

    X- DRC [Director's Review Committee] consist of Wardens and Regional Board members

    X- Asst. Warden Seals at the Ramsey Unit

    X- Asst. Warden; Ms. Kenedy at the McConnell Unit

    X- Captain Wickersham from Texas Death Row at Polunski Unit

    X- Warden Carmona at Hamilton Unit lied about family member on TDCJ computer

    X- Warden Anderson at Kyle Unit, threaten to arrest family member

    X- Asst. Warden Castillo at the McConnell Unit; He claims that he knows the offenders better than the family members and the best solution for safety is Ad Seg., this man needs to retire!

    X- [SAFP-F] Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility Program at the Kyle Unit; Vendor - Gateway Foundation [this is not a drug/alcohol treatment program according to TACADA policy but a punishment and abuse program to break a man's spirit down]

    X- Gateway - [SAFP-F] Vendor for TDCJ, does not abide to their own contract and counselors are not licensed in the State of Texas.

    X- Salvation Army; Carr P. Collins in Dallas, Vendor for TDCJ, does not abide to their own contract, counselors are not licensed in the State of Texas, force parolees to attend their Sunday Services or be punished, are not providing enough beds for the parolees and force them to sleep on cots with the homeless...

    This page is to bring awareness to the families, and friends who has loved-ones incarcerated in TDCJ and for the public on how TDCJ conducts themselves as state employees whose salaries are paid by the Tax-paying Citizens who resides in Texas.

    TPNS reserves the right [freedom of speech] to post such abuse that is reported throughout the Texas Prison System, however, to protect the innocents, employees last or first name maybe withheld.

    Please Note: It is well known that TDCJ employees tend to move around from unit to unit, either for a job promotion or a cover-up.

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