Following his retirement in 1986,
Mike and his wife DeAnne
responded to God's call
into full-time prison ministry.
Since January 1987,
the Barbers have been in
prisons all across the country,
hosting crusades known
as "Weekends of Excitement."
Mike considers the greatest team
he has ever played with to
be the team that
goes into the prisons
with him to
"PROCLAIM liberty
to the captives."

founder Chuck Colson has long
argued that crime is fundamentally
a moral and spiritual problem
that requires
a moral and spiritual solution.
That is why Prison Fellowship
is a Christ-based ministry.
Our vision, mission,
goals, core values,
and programs are all
centered on the recognition
that Jesus Christ alone has
the authority and power
to make broken lives new.

Over the summer,
Prison Fellowship
field offices provide
application forms
to prison chaplains.
The chaplains pass these out
to prisoners who have children.
Some restrictions apply:
The children must be 16 or under;
they must be children
or stepchildren of the prisoner;
and there must be no court order
barring the prisoner from
contacting his children.

The mission of the
Kairos Prison Ministry is
to bring Christ's love
and forgiveness
to all
incarcerated individuals,
their families and those
who work with them,
and to assist in the transition
of becoming a productive citizen.

Bridges To Life brings
together victims and inmates
- face to face -
to help the inmates
understand how crime affects
others and to empower crime
victims by telling their
“stories” of victimization.

Our mission is to reach
the following people and their families:
criminal offenders, victims,
and criminal justice professionals.

Fellowship Riders Lubbock
& Unchained Life Post
went into this Texas Prison with
Hope for some who were hurting.
Click Here to view Video

We are a ministry group
determined to spread
the Word of God
inside the walls of
the prison system.
G3 is committed to
focusing on the
hearts of offenders,
before they are released.

"The Lord sets prisoners free."
Psalm 146:7

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