We recognize YOU
The Men, The Brothers, Us All
And know your story is not
a lie like in the Movies
"The Monsters Ball"

Quran Chapter 4 Nisaa (The Women)
1. O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord,
Who created you from a single person.
Created of like nature his mate,
and from Them twain scattered (like seeds)
countless Men and Women;
-reverence G'd, through Whom
you demand your mutual (rights),
And reverence the wombs that bore you
For G'd ever watches over you;

G'd commands us all to have reverence for Him,
and not on the same level;
to show reverence to Women.

This is the command to all of creation;
that we are to venerate,
to regard with a deep sense of
respect tinged with awe
"the wombs that bore you".

This is because,
although G'd's Light (His Wisdom)
can be seen in a blade of grass,
just as well as it is reflected in
the rarest rose with the most aromatic fragrance;
the SPLENDOR which is seen in a
Woman is not present in any other creation.

A Woman is a direct manifestation of
G'd's Glory and Wisdom in our creation.

Now G'd is the Creator of all things,
though only through the woman does
He bring forth life in so many aspects
He entrusts "her only" with
His beautiful neutering system to
continue on the production of life.

And it is in awe that we
do view your Splendor,
your constitution and the Science of You"
...inorganic constituents of the earth
are absorbed into living matter
by way of food and living matter reproduces
itself by means of sperm.

This is deposited in the ovum and
fertilizes it and rest for a time
in security in the Mother's womb..."

The first change in the fertilized ovum
is the conversion into a sort of
clot of thickly congealed blood,
the zygote cells grow by segmentation;
then the mass gradually assumes shape
in its growth as a fetus.

From the lump develops bones and flesh
and organs and a nervous system.

Up to that point man's growth
is like an animal,
but a further process takes place which makes
the infant animal into an infant man.

This is the Breathing of G'd's Spirit
into the Womb/neutering system,
on into man
(physically you can even see
His Breathing of the Spirit emanating from her,
and making her Splendor even more
alluring in her pregnancy that Glory,
her Beauty being an aspect of G'd's Glory!).

And the Woman struggles on in
her Splendor as a nurturer of the household,
the marriage, relationships, gardens
and in all things and matter that
do not function up to its full
potential until it's experienced and been
affected by a Woman's Touch____
Her Magic___
Her Song resonating our lives.



P.S. ...and quit your saying that we take you for
granted, because we understand your Power and Presence
in our lives, and do no doubt as the saying goes,
"A Woman can raise her baby boy for 20 years to
be a MAN, and in 20 minutes another Woman will
change him back into a muttering little boy!"


Written by:
Samuel Amin Brown; TDCJ#648870

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