6 jars of pure Honey
2 bath oil beads
(your favorite scent)
1 big fluffy towel

Have your Sweetheart go take a shower
while you are preparing a bathe to marinate her in.
Take the 6 jars of honey and dissolve them
in a small pot of boiling water.
While the water is on to come to a boil and dissolve the honey,
prepare a tup of warm water with two bath oil beads in it.
Now once the honey has dissolved in the boiling water
take and pour the honey water into
the bath oil beaded water in the tub;
swirl around real good
then take your Sweetheart and insert her into the bath
to marinate for 15 minutes.
While she is soaking/marinating,
go and lightly powder the bed's sheets/comforter down,
then about 13 minutes into her bathe place the big fluffy towel
into the microwave and heat for 1 1/2 minutes
so that it is nice and toasty.
Take the towel out and
go to the bath have your Sweetheart stand up
then wrap her in the towel,
carry her to the bedroom and
deposit her beneath the powedered sheets.
Now you go shower then come back and
begin the taste-test until Sweetheart becomes
a "real taste of HONEY!"

Here is the basic science of this recipe;
Honey is not only good internally,
but it is also good externally when used properly
for the cleansing/healing of your skin and hair.
In this process,
when your Sweetheart is in the bath
the tepid bath water opens her pores up
so that the bath oil beads float all the access
oil and dirt from out and
under the epidermis of the skin and in the pores.
Now while the bath oil beads are cleaning,
moisturizing and scenting,
the honey is going up into the ducts
of her pores healing and soothing.
After 15 minutes of this process;
taking your Sweetheart out of the bath,
placing underneath the sheets/comforter;
when you come back to join her
she will be warm and relaxed,
but once you begin to kiss and taste
her she will become excited.
Upon becoming excited her pores will
open and scent of the bath oil beads
will be more prominent to your smell,
as well as the taste of the honey
will be delightful as she lightly perspires;
and as you taste the honey
she will become more excited by
your tasting and hunger and
go to perspiring so much until
she goes from being your Sweetheart

Another original cuisine creation by;
Thee Great Connoisseur of Tastes

Chef Samuel "Amin" Brown

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