Knowledge Of Mine

Remember now,
when you mess up from lessons
not yet learned.

That those who came before you
stuck it out for what they earned.

And no one makes it easy for
a new one coming in
so hold your mud.

And show them all you're here
through thick and thin.

You'll hear a lot of stories about
this one or the other and you'll be.

Tested more than once by
each and every brother.

We've all been through it
one by one though
you may not agree.

If you can hang,
you'll see in time
that's how it had to be.

I promise you it's worth it
if you want it bad enough.

Though no one makes it easy,
in fact they make it tough.

Remember when you're out there
and eyes are all on you.

The impression you are making
by the things you say and do.

Don't ever take for granted
who you are or why you're there.

Those people will remember so
you show them that you care.

For those that came before you
earned respect which you'll receive.

Make sure you act accordingly
and show that you believe.

You'll always be the best you
can so pride comes shining through.

And set a good example for
those who follow you.

You see my memory serves me well,
I know who's come and gone.

And you can be replaced that quick,
it doesn't take that long.

Just in case you're wondering why,
I wrote this line by line.

You see it's really not a poem,
but knowledge in a rhyme.

For those who'll never know,
I've had my share of test.

And some of you who know me
well have heard about the best

There is no better feeling,
than the love that grows inside.

When finally you're respected,
for your heart and your pride.

And just in case you missed it,
there's a message up above.

I've shared with you my inner thoughts
from me to you with love.

One more piece of wisdom,
I hope you all will catch.

To love the man is not enough.
You have to love his patch.

So take these words for
what they're worth.
There's truth in every line.

I'm proud to say I've shared with you
the knowledge that is mine.

Linda, one day Lonnie sent me this.
I thought it was very pretty.


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