I reach across a void of emptiness
to grasp the hand that gives me strength,
only to find the strength I rely upon not there.
The tears flow endlessly and with out effort,
to release the crushing pain deep within.

To have that one amputated from your life
with out warning or reason,
can give no comfort to the pain.

I find so little caring about my pain,
in a world of self centered righteousness.

To believe only the truth which they are spoon fed
by the powers that be,
believing all and questioning not.

Until the day that they too find the razor of
righteousness has come
to bestow upon them the cruel reality of it's steel.

How long will we quietly stand as victims to
the justice of this land.

To have the ones we love ripped from our lives
allowing cruelty to flaunt its smile of control.

Not only taking the people we love
but our security, our financial stability,
our basic means of survival.

By doing so gives a sense of great triumph to the
ones with the power.

If the truth is apposed to the findings
how quickly the truth will be justified.

The conclusion not depending on the players,
just depending on a conclusion
To make the masses believe the safety they
seek to be a reality,
when in truth safety is just a word spewed out
to cover up the powers we lack.

So to this end my tears will continue
And I will wake and sleep with this pain.

Each new day only promising a sunrise and a sunset,
And each new season a reminder of my loneliness.

Wall Paper Artwork
and Poem By:
Theresa Vollien

Copyright 2007 TPNS