"A Prisoner’s Christmas Day in Prison"

    Another year has come and once again I won’t be around so this is what I would like to write.

    Dear Santa,

    If I had one wish to make, all on my own, it would be to release me and let me please come home...

    Throughout the prison as prisoners anticipates an air of expectancy as Christmas has come once again.

    Some of us lay silent on our bunk-beds trying to recall memories of Christmases past.

    Past and distant images are awakened of family and friends gathered around the table laughing and eating, then later relaxing and exchanging gifts.

    I try hard to keep my mind off the length of my sentence and the crime I committed.

    A solemn air hovers over the prison. Try as I may to keep them away dark clouds of failures, mistakes, regret and remorse over crimes committed that have separated me from freedom, bring salty raindrops in the form of tears.

    To me, Christmas is a time I feel more spiritually sensitive than at any other time of the year.

    It is time for "making a deal" with God, hoping to manipulate a miraculous pardon on Christmas Day, or an early release next year.

    This is my day when I can feel contact with the outside world and I can celebrate too.

    Even in this confined and confused setting, I can feel at one with society and not feel like such an outcast...like such a "loser".

    I took the time to speak to other prisoners, one’s I have never spoken to before.

    I wished both guards and prisoners ‘Season’s Greetings’.

    I could tell some of them were eagerly anticipating a greeting from me...a break in the routine...and they wished me the same.

    On this day like every day before I made peace with my inner man, if only for a day.

    ‘Merry Christmas’; what a great holiday...no, what a great Holy Day."

    I wrote this poem and was wondering if it can be used to help all the prisoners at Tenn. Colony. If you can use it please feel free to do so. I had one special someone who resides in the Coffield Unit and hopes of knowing that he is a very special friend and pen pal and I hope and wish him to have a very Merry Christmas as well as all the inmates there.

    Cathie Sprabary