You are notified that you have a visit and then officers will come and search your clothes, after that you get dressed and handcuffed and two officers will escort you to the visitation where you will be placed in a caged unhandcuffed and enjoy your visit.

        If any your visitors buys you any snacks the officer will open all snacks and place them in a bowl and then that officer will hand them to another officer who will then take them to the person the visitor is visiting.

        The reason this is done is because when a person is going to do wrong they will not be stopped.

        There are way too many officers that are willing to do basically anything and bring things in for a C-note (one hundred dollars) or depending what that officer is doing and guess what? Even ranking officers are doing it, but who's to say they are wrong?

        Remember the ranks from Warden on down have been caught stealing from the state to dealing with inmates so if this is happening then why open a bag of chips that comes from the vending machine? Oh, they say, that one can bring in a bag of chips similar to those sold, this another excuse because you have officers looking at you when you buy things from the machine and hand it directly to them sure it has been done but because of lazy officers that allowed it not because it is happening to a point of saying it is uncontrollable and necessary.

        As your visit is coming to an end, an officer will notify you and your visitor that you either have about 5 to 10 minutes left which is good so that these people can share their last minutes and express their deepest emotions, feelings, love and affection and so forth with loved one or close friends etc.

        Then an officer will handcuff you and another officer will accompany the one and both will escort you back to your living area where you will again be stripped searched and then placed into your cell where you can relax, smile and be happy that someone cares and think of what you are missing, who and how you have hurt them or who and how you are trying to show that you will better yourself and are improving.

        You see many inmates like myself have learned that prison life is a world within a world and society is blind to most if not all that is happening in this place and without visitor to help and understand is simply to say that one deos not care to better himself or his living conditions that not just effect you but will in the future will effect someone else either negatively or positively.

        Visitors make a difference in the eyes of many because it show that you have someone that cares and wants to know about your present conditions. Until next time; Felipe

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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