Here on this unit the officials have taken it for granted and are using that they are short on staff and are only recreating the inmates once a week for one hour and most of the time they are trying to make sure that you do not go shaking your cell down and really messing your property up but the less that go to recreation the less work for them.

        It all comes down to the same old laziness and the fact that the ranking officials allow this to happen. When you do go out you strip completely and hand the officer your clothes and then put your boxer underwear back on and get handcuffed and escorted to the recreation yard.

        Once out there you place in a cage by yourself (some units has group recreation where 2 or 10 inmates in one yard recreate together) and you have a basketball and a basketball goal with a pull up bar welded to the pole and do the best you can for an hour. Some of the guys compete with each other in how many baskets they make in one hour and the loser does push ups.

        Some play to reach a certain amount of baskets and once reached the other will either do pull-ups or push-ups and/or both. Some will run around the cage in order to exercise their legs and get wind into their lungs.

        While others either just walk around or stand and talk to others out there.

        In coming in you must strip again completely and get handcuffed and escorted back into your cell.

        And once you shower and recreate your day is complete as far as any activities outside your cell are concerned.

        The rest of the day/evening/night you must find something to do in your cell. Some guys draw which is good because one becomes creative.

        Others enjoy reading their Bible (like me) and I enjoyed this because when I speak to someone I know what I am talking about and where to search for certain things and know when someone else is telling me the truth when it concerns the Bible. Others like to read magazines and educational books.

        I did this for many years when I was in segregation because I felt it was a form of getting self educated since we had next to no help from the education department, so donated books was something I search for as well as what friends could send.

        These days I still have a very special friend who sends me important books on health and Biblical books which have humbled me more than ever. Those Biblical books can be found in Christian book stores and are the Chicken Soup Series. Other guys just like to create problems for other inmates and staff as well. Until next time, God Bless...Felipe

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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