As with showers one must get ready and placed on the run and they will ask for 30 at a time until they have well over 150 inmates in the chow hall and guess what? They will have at least two officers for security.

    Coming into the chow hall you go in the door and get your tray and a line is formed as in a regular cafeteria style out there in the free world.

    When you get to where the food is at you can see what they have and get what you want-but you cannot get as much as you want as we all have a limit and you have the inmate police who will even shake the spoon to make sure that you do not get too much or any extra, as well, you have those that do not care and will feed you because they know you are hungry and so that we can remain healthy.

    As you finish getting your meal you will pick up your spoon and one of the the two officers will tell you or make sure that you sit down in order so that when they come back and tell you to pick it up (which means leave) you will have had enough time to have eaten your meal.

    They are suppose to give you 20 minutes to eat but that really does not apply.

    Once finished, you must stand or sit down until an officer opens the door that leads to the hallway and allows 30 or so out the door back to your living area where you are placed in the dayroom until an officer feel that enough inmates have come back and he/she will run and house call-meaning open the doors so that inmates can go to their cells and the dayroom will be emptied out and not be too full. Until next time...Felipe

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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