It is 5:45 am and officers have started to arrive to change shift at 6:00 am and showers will start. The only way that you will shower is if you have your light on. (What a way to waist the tax payers money).

    There is enough day light and lighting in the building to allow an officer to see you but they still want to make you turn your light on, so in turning it on the officer will see that you are ready and standing at the door with shampoo and soap (those fortune enough to have these items) you need to get handcuffed and get escorted to the front cell where they have a shower.

    You are to request what you need such as shorts and size along with socks, towel and soap. You are given 5 minutes or so to shower and if you need to shave you have to request your razor and shave in the shower, when finished you must turn in your razor and get handcuffed again in order to be brought back to your cell.

    Escorting you to and from your cell at anytime the officers need to use a shield that hands from the rail from the bottom of the top walkway of two row. And most times officers do not even use this shield.

    Remember that not all units run this way and I am only speaking of Eastham's area of segregation, pre-hearing detention and transit. The ranks on this unit have allowed most of all officers to jack you for your shower and in all reality this is very bad to people's health because they must "try" to maintain a healthy environment for themselves to work in and almost everybody knowing that prison has many ways of spreading diseases they should attempt to prevent it but they do not because if they shower everybody it is "too much work" for them and most come with a negative attitude and very lazy but those are TDCJ-ID officials and guess what?

    They are never wrong even if they are wrong the rank says that the officer is always right. And we are the ones that get punished-but I want each of you to know that every month officers are fired and/or asked to resign because of wrong doing yet the inmate is still wrong and get punished. I cannot give a statistic of officials fired but if you want it is not hard to find out from your standing. Until next time...Felipe

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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