It is about 4:47 am and the speaker just announced that they want showers on the run from medium custody inmates. This means for the officer to open cells and have inmates waiting on the run and ready for showers to which the officer will send 30 inmates at a time for shower. Each inmate must undress in the hallway and place the dirty clothes in separate piles (i.e. shirts with shirts, pants with pants and so forth).

    Once the first 30 gets into the shower area then the officer will signal for another 30 to be sent and then another 30 so before you know it they have a little time. Once they finish with medium custody they will start with minimum custody inmates in the same way but by then it is 6:00 am or so in the morning and the officers have now changed shifts. A little before 7:00 am they will finish shower area up with inmates and this will sometimes be way over 100 inmates.

    So what might one ask is wrong with this manner of running. Well, these officials who think that they are never wrong and hate to be told by inmates that they are wrong when they in fact are wrong think that by what they have started which is sending 30 inmates at a time will decrease the threat of taking control of certain situations, less inmates in the hall, easier to handle.

    Okay let say that yes, it is true "if" the incident takes place in the hallway, but not all incidents take place in the hallway and most incidents as in the past can prove it takes place in the recreation yards, kitchens or showers and/or living areas. So if you send out 30 at a time and fill the shower area with let's say 100 "all in there at the same time" you have defeated your own purpose because if something happens in the shower you have way too many to control, but this cannot be explained to them.

    Oh! They will say that they have the staff available. Guess what? Every unit in TDCJ-ID has a shortage of staff. And they will say-it's because of the war where many officers have gone too. It is true that many officers have gone to serve in the war but what is not true is that they are not short because of the war, because TDCJ-ID has had a shortage of officers for decades and for those that do not know please read the "RUIZ Lawsuit" where this area was addressed over 20 years ago and still there is and will continue to be a shortage of staff.

    Allow me to say that "if" inmates wanted they could do some serious damage because most officers are-guess what? Females! And these females have shown that they will not try to stop inmates who have decided to do wrong. For those females reading this please do not be offended with what I said because I am not saying it to discriminate against anybody but some of these inmates are violent or can be where not even a male officer will try to stop them.

    So like I said no offense as I believe in equality when it concerns male and female and only up to a certain extent but this is totally another subject-right?

    The people need to see that in prison there are many gangs and these groups sometimes do not stop at any cost and do what they have to do so this shortage of staff really posses a threat not just to other inmates but to staff as well.

    Until next time...Felipe

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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