Allow me to inform you of more that you might find of interest. In 1984 I joined a Texas Prison Gang namely: "Mexican Mafia."

    I was in administrative segregation for about 12 years. Finally I made a decision to step away from them in 1996, and I made it known to TDCJ-ID Officials that I no longer wanted to be a part of this gang and their illegal activities within this institution.

    In 1997 I was finally released from segregation and allowed to be placed in the regular population at the Ramsey 3 unit. Well, about 4 months later I started having problems with known gang members and I picked-up a case for assaulting an inmate with a weapon and placed in the hole a few days later, I was transferred to Retrieve unit and placed in Medium custody for a year.

    On this unit gang members from the same gang wanted me to lock myself up to which I refused and told them to do whatever they wanted if they did not want me in population, well, after some talks they decided that they were not going to mess with me and they left me well alone. And you are already well aware of as to why I was sent to this unit, (I refused to snitch on a guard).

    Well guess what? I got here in November and the gang member on this unit did not even know what the gang tattoo looked like so when they say my tattoo they started questioning. You know that I had gotten lock-up on February 14, 03 and when I got out from lock-up these same gang members started question other inmates if they had seen anybody with a tattoo (they described it), well, nobody wanted to get involved when it comes to gangs so they said they did not know, but on the cool these inmates would approach me and tell me what these gang members were going around asking.

    Finally when they seen me again and the tattoo they started putting word out that I was going to be dropped so they wanted these other inmates to stay clear away from me so that I would be alone and they could do their thing. I was also given a note indicating that I was to be dropped and to watch my back, but these same inmates that were pulling my coat will not tell the officials because they do not want any problems so I do not blame them for not wanting to tell the officials because they do not want any problems in the future and yes, it does cause them problems so I do not blame them for not wanting to tell the officials but I thank them that they pulled my coat.

    Well, they had me filled out a life endangerment and they will investigate but during this investigation I have been locked-up again. More than likely I will get transferred to another unit.

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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