The following is about my new housing area in which the prison system has created a way to house more of it's prisoners even though they have less guards as always. Before describing the housing area do keep in mind that years ago a lawsuit was filed and known as the Ruiz vs Estelle where in part it was seeking more prison guards for various reasons some were to try to prevent inmate to inmate assaults, gang assaults, rapes, extortions, etc.

        [Ruiz vs Estelle]

        In the settlement the prison system agreed to hire more prison guards.

        Instead they have been building and opening more prisons and not meeting the requirement of the Ruiz settlement to hire more guards for each unit leaving open the doors for gang activities, rapes, extortion and assaults, etc.

        And you the public areas not being informed appropriately.

        You are being mislead and misinformed because there are many units that do not have enough guards as required by that settlement.

        Also when an assault, rape, extortion, etc. takes place the perpetrator most of the time stays on the unit where he committed his crime while the victim is transferred to another unit [a better unit as they say].

        The punishment varies from case to case.

        However, sometimes the prison system is totally at fault.

        I live in a dorm that houses one hundred and eleven inmates, while most dorms on this unit house about fifty four inmates.

        For every two dorms there is only one office, that's one officer for about one hundred and eight inmates.

        HELLO! Most of the time the officers are either on the phone talking about their personal life with another officer, or they are talking in the middle of the hallway where they have a small desk [most units did away with these desk so that officers would not be hanging around there just talking].

        So what does this tell you? That all one hundred and eight inmates are "un-attended," ssshhh but the public don't know this.

        Is the officer reading a magazine that an inmate allowed them to borrow or is the officer too busy looking at the tv or better is the officer too busy having a love affair with an inmate?

        How about all of the above mentioned and more?

        Does the ranking officer know that this is happening?

        From the lowest ranking officer to the highest yes, they do.

        Has something been done about this on this unit?

        No, it has not.

        Some of the ranks allow this to happen because they are into the buddy-buddy system and allow certain officers to do as they please even if the officer is wrong.

        Guess what? We are not allowed to question any officer at unit level much less to say that they are wrong, that is the ranks job, but the ranks are covering it all up as if nothing was ever done wrong.

        And so, in my area one officer is placed outside the door and one officer is place in the picket.

        Two dorms housing a little over one hundred and fifty inmates.

        Officers work twelve hour shifts and in these twelve hours the only time that the officer comes into the dorm is for count time or for shaking a few inmates down and that is it. It is the same way inside the building.

        The only difference is that inside the building there are no cameras which is good for the inmates.

        Out here where I live in they have cameras all over this place.

        Just in my dorm we have twelve cameras not including the hallway and the walk way leading towards the building, all of this is good.

        But the officer in the picket is the problem. "The watcher watches, but who watches the watcher watching?"

        Sssshhh, nobody watches the watcher sleeping, unless the other officer is looking out for him so that he can sleep on the job.

        Now these are the hard working guards of the prison system, where they ask you the public for more money because the guards are at risk in the performance of their duties around inmates.

        [An inmate who lives in the dorm]

        At the Pack I unit there are inmates who are in wheel chairs for different reasons, you also have mentally ill inmates, you have inmates who have been assaulted by other inmates [physically beaten and/or assaulted with some kind of weapon], some are ex-gang member, some inmates are here for life in-dangerment reasons, others because they were police officer on the outside and the prison system still allows inmates that can be house on other unit to be housed on this unit where they can easily prey on weaker inmates.

        The weaker inmate who was the victim gets transferred, while the perpetrator remains on this unit where he can seek another weak inmate because they are all over this unit.

        So the ranks from lowest to highest sometimes do not follow the rules/regulations/policies/laws federal and state.

        Yet we the inmates get disciplined for not following what we should.

        [TDCJ guards doing their jobs???]

        We get to changed our clothing every day like the inmates in the building, but we have our own showers because we have different work schedules and we do not have to walk into the building. For almost anything else yes we must go into the building.

        Most inmates out here are trusted to an extent but you have those that are doing things to other inmates and hard to prove because many inmates do not want to say anything--Why?

        Because of the way the prison system handles the matter and many times it falls back on the victim.

        [Prisoners Abuse Still Continues...]

        Many people in society might think, good they deserve that.

        Well, even if an inmate broke the law, it is not right for anybody to be abused physically and/or mentally by anybody. Make it right if you think you can....................

[TDCJ guard and TX Prisoners]

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