You can fill-out what is called a sick call requesting form and placing it in the mail box requesting medical assistance to which then you will receive what is call a Lay-in slip/pass to be allowed to go to the infirmary at a certain date and time after that date and time that Lay-in is no good.

        And many times the medical problem requires immediate attention and you are allowed to do what is called a walk-in, this means you just knock on the medical department door and walk-in seeking help, or when a prison official takes you himself.

        If you are not listed under chronic care and the medical problem that you need assistant with is not chronic then the medical department will charge you the sum of $3.00 for any treatment done on you.

        If you are indigent (no money) will it stop them from seeing you and treating you?

        No! Even if you are indigent they will help you and I do believe that once you are paroled and/or discharge your sentence they make you pay this medical bill on the outside (not sure though).

        Before anyone sees you most of the time you will wait from 30 minutes to 3 hours all depends how many people are being seen before you and according to your problem.

        The only way you get seen before these people already waiting is if an official takes you in or if it is an emergency like I said.

        When you are next your name is called and vital signs are taken and the nurse on duty has your medical records (charts) so she will start her questioning and then tell you to wait in so and so room until the Doctor or a Physician Assistant (PA) comes in to see you.

        The Doctor and the PA in most units always have different opinion as to what is wrong with you and what needs to be done, okay, it is understood that they are two separate brains trying to figure out how to help you, but the thing is that one or the other sometimes both are trying to save the hospital that they work for money and so they are really not concentrating on your medical problem anymore.

        The medicine that is provided to us is generic in most cases simply because they do not want to spend money but yet they want to keep us in prison more than what is really necessary to which in turn they are still spending more money in just keeping you in this place and so you think it is good-well, it is not because that is the tax payers money and so who is the tax payer being charged for all this...YOU!

        Allow me to give you a small example using myself. A Doctor gave me ground level and lower bunk restrictions, this means that I am to be housed at all times on one row which is the lower row and assigned to the bottom bunk being that many units have two to a cell and I am not to be jumping to the top bunk nor climbing stairs based on my restrictions that a Doctor gave.

        Well, without notice a PA will review your chart and take your restrictions without ever giving you a check up or inquiring if you still need them.

        Sometimes if you get a case or are being investigated and end up in pre-hearing detention the officials take you to the infirmary for a quick check up and there without notice to you the nurse(s) will ask the PA to review your medical status and take your restriction(s) as they did with me.

        Sometimes it will be a Doctor that will do this, but most of the times it is the PA.

        I have been in prison let's say 15 years and just got paroled but cannot go home because I need to start another sentence which was stacked on top of what I already had so this means that I continue to grow older in this place and what happens with a persons health when a person starts growing older?

        His health declines.

        These parole people could have released me many years ago so that I could start this sentence and get out, but they refuse, they came out with news laws/policies to keep us in this place more and so without thinking of the future look at what has happened with the prison system.

        The budget cut has had an effect where not just the medical department is closed after 6:00 PM but they are trying their best to refuse any treatment to almost everybody that they can get away with and guess what--you the tax payers still have to put up with paying to keep me in this place and taking care of my health.

        You see, I am not the type of person that will allow these prison officials nor medical department to get away with mistreating me when they are the one that want to keep me in here more than what is really necessary.

        One would think, is this person a problem creator?

        Well, many years ago, yes, I was but in these days and time, no, I am not.

        And so, I hope that you have seen a little more inside these prison walls...Until next time, Felipe

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.

        "Jack Washington, 88, who's serving a murder sentence at the Estelle Unit near Huntsville, collects his daily allotment of medications at the pill window as other inmates wait their turn. Convicts have complained - and researchers have verified - that pill windows sometimes close before everyone is served, causing potentially dangerous interruptions in treatment."


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