When an officer notifies you that you have a visit you will be allowed to get dressed and they will open your door where you yourself will walk the hallway heading towards the searches desk and inform the duty officer that you have a visit where you will be given a slip and head towards the visitation room.

        Getting there you will hand over your slip and the officer will then strip search you and getting dressed again he will tell you where to go and sit if it is regular visit (no contact) and one will go through the same process with the snacks and the same notice will be given 5 or 10 minutes before your visit is over, but there is a small difference in that you are not in a cage.

        As for those getting contact visitation they will be allowed to kiss and hug their visitor and are allowed to hold hands (depending on the unit you are on).

        Most contact visits are for family and spouses only.

        Snacks are opened as well.

        You sit opposite of each other and sometimes you even get to visit outdoors (again depending on the unit you are on), and when you are about to end a visit they allow you again to hold, kiss and hug.

        These moments are some that many inmates and their loved ones wait for all week to share and which brings them closer to each other once again as the reality of prison sets in again because you must say your good byes... Until next time, Felipe

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Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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