I have faith that someday someone will write to us and I understand that patience must be practiced because, yes I think people are scared because of what has happened in the past. What I mean is the negative things that have happened which in turn have an effect on the positive in certain ways.

    We are not all rapist or child molesters and these two crimes are what puts a vey bad name to criminals but it happens. I know how the crap in here gets to people after a while.

    This unit is really messed up and our movement is next to none over here. The store is once a week over here which is better than some. The showers start at 4:30 am to 5:00 am depending where you live over here. And the recreation yards are a lot bigger over here but other than this-nothing!

    I myself cannot be transferred for school or a trade because I just got out of Pre-Hearing Detention, yes, I got a major case for disobeying an order and creating a disturbance on 02/14/03 (Valentine's Day) and guess who I got into it with?

    The Assistant Warden and a Captain, so they locked me up for a while.

    They dropped me from S-3 to S-4 and gave me 15 cell and 15 commissary restrictions and a reprimand, I got off light this time. Hopefully this case will not have much an effect on my parole.

    Yes, I am still waiting on my answer, I was interviewed on November 14 and still have not heard anything, but I am in no rush because if they do parole me it will just be into my next sentence.

    Yes, I picked up more time (15 years possession of a deadly weapon in a penal institution which is non-aggravated), this was back in the early 90's and so I still have to do this time because it was stacked time. Once I am paroled and start this 15 then I have a chance of going home. I will close this one for now until the next time...Felipe

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    Felipe is currently on parole and TPNS wish him much success.


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