"Jail Bird Sings"
is a Network Support Group
circled around loved ones that are
incarcerated inside The Iron Cages of the
Texas Department Criminal Of Justice Prison System.

All families and friends are welcome to our group.

You and your loved one are not alone
when dealing with a cruel-inhumane system that
does nothing but lie and deceive families and friends
of what is truly going on behind the Iron Cages.

We have let ourselves become intimidated
as the Black Birds - (TDCJ) hold
our loved ones captive inside the Iron Cages
and give them the powers to convince us
that we cannot do anything to help
our Loved-ones.

That is a bird turd lie because
we can make a difference and a change
for our loved ones and others
behind the Iron Cages of TDCJ!

"Jail Bird Sings"
is a place for sharing information, news,
ideas, personal experiences, prison related issues,
links to other useful sites, letters, petitions,
support organizations, standards, policies
and procedures that pertains to
The Iron Cages of TDCJ.

"Jail Bird Sings"
is a community
that surrounds and supports
Texas Prisoners,
their families and friends,
also ex-offenders, parolees
lawyers, paralegals,
concerned citizens, elected officials,
prisoner rights activists,
current and ex-prison guards
are welcome to join with us.

Together we can make a change
and make a difference,
so our loved ones
"Jail Birds"
will be able to "Sing"
the blues away!

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