The Eagle Speaks Committee is currently working on four projects
that deals with the Texas Department Criminal Justice Prison System.

These Projects are listed below...

"Innocent Inside TDCJ Project"
Texas Prisoners proclaiming their innocence
of the crime they were convicted of.
TES assist the men & women
by keeping them informed of the
Innocent Networks and Projects,
Attorneys and Legal Aides,
that may help abtain their innocence.

"Living On The Edge Project"
Concerns with the Ad Seg Reform
[Sponsoring/Supporting Unity 4 Texas]
and The Grad Law Suit
[Sponsoring/Supporting C. Joseph Salazar
who is currently sueing TDCJ for violating
prisoners' rights that are in Ad. Seg. and
submitted to be part of the GRAD Program
but are put on a long waiting list or been denied.
Currently the 5th Curcuit Court in New Orleans
grant favor on Salazar's Law Suit.]

"Gateway To Hell Project"
[Exposing the truth behind the lies
concerning with the Drug Rehab. Programs
that the Judges/Courts and Parole Board
requires the clients, prisoners, and parolees
to participate in which is sponsored by
Gateway Foundation Inc.,
Salvation Army and
other Vendors that is
contract with TDCJ.]

"American Indians/Texas Prisoners
Religious Freedom Project"
Assisting/Supporting American Indians
and Native Americans who are incarcerated
in TDCJ that are being denied to practice
their traditions and beliefs that was passed
down to them from their Ancestors.

The Eagle Speaks Committee also supports
Texas Prisoners and Their Families
who are dealing with issues such as...
Parole Issues,
Gang Violence,
Abusive Guards,
Prisoner Abuse,
Sexual/Rape Assaults,
Medical Neglect,
Health Issues,
And Other Issues Pertaining
To These Types Of Nature.


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