When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life in such a manner that when you die,
the world cried and you rejoice.

You are FREE my Friend...Rest in Peace!

In Sweet Memory of
a Lovely Lady...

On July 15, 2017
TX Pen Pals Wanted lost
our first Texas Woman Prisoner.
One of our Pen Pals notified me
with the following statement:
Vickie Smith passed away on July 15, 2017.
She had been denied parole and it looked like
they were going to give her a medical parole.
The entire last year was spent getting
a place for her to parole to.
Vickie expected to be released next month.
I was going to pick her up and take her there.
I was listed on her emergency call list.
But for death I wouldn't be notified. Protocol.
Vickie was buried at Byrd Cemetery.
I'm going to miss her.

Date of Birth: 08/09/1963
Year Entered TDCJ: 1999/2004
Parole Eligibility Date: 2016-01-22

Vickie wrote the following on her web page:

I have had some good things in my life but
I have had a lot of let downs. Since being
locked up here I have found God and even though
I am human, I know that without God in my life
I will not be where I am today. I have my head
on straight after 28 years of being addicted to
heroin and thankfully I am happy with how my life
is going now. Now I want to go forward with my
goals and dreams.

When I was young I use to want to be a cartoon artist,
but because of bad incidents in my life, that changed.
I was a cabinet maker for many years and have a very
good talent with woods. God has blessed me abundantly
with my hands and has given me great knowledge. I have
always wanted to build my own house which I have the
knowledge to do and open an Art Gallery. I would like
to take the proceedings of that and help others less
fortunate. I have a lot of Cherokee blood in me being
my dad was full blooded and my mom over half. I was
the youngest of three, both of my brothers are past
as well as my parents. I am very interested in the
environment and things happening throughout the world
and all kinds of things. I would love to have a friend
that will write and someone to be around.

Vickie's wish was granted when
Renetta became her dear
pen pal friend for many years!
Thank You Renetta!

The following Texas Prisoners that was listed on
TX Pen Pals Wanted Web Site
passed away between 2013-2016

Date of Birth: 06/12/61
Year Entered TDCJ: 1991
Amin wrote the following on his web page:
"There is nothing more happening
than what is actually going on
Right NOW!"
I am real and practical about life.
Blue is a very important color to me.
I am in here for kidnapping
and robbery of drug dealers
and other gangsters who turned
to the law for protection.
"Some say I am cold as Ice,
Just rub me The Right Way!"

Date of Birth: 09/18/54
Date Entered TDCJ: 1975
Edward wrote the following on his web page.
I am in here for robbing a bank
in Lewisville, TX.
I received a Life sentence in 1987.
I accepted Jesus into my life
in April 2003 and
I love the Lord with
all my heart now after
being a very angry
and terrible person.
I'm at peace now.

Date of Birth: 1959
Year Entered TDCJ: 1994
Richard wrote the following on his web page.
I am a student at
Blackstone Paralegal Studies,
and I am still fighting
this 99 yrs Sentence
of which I have done 17 yrs.

Date of Birth: 03/03/1944
Year Entered TDCJ: 1989
Sidney wrote the following on his web page.
I am into Power Lifting
Baking and Cooking.
My Most Important Wish
is to be a Devoted
Follower of Jesus Christ.

Reported By:
~~Linda D.;
TPNS Community Director

Honor the Life & Legacy Of
Chuck Colson (1931-2012)

Though we mourn the loss of a great leader,
we rejoice knowing God has welcomed
his humble and faithful servant home.

When Chuck Colson left prison,
he promised to remember the men
who remained behind bars.

“I will never forget you guys!”
he told them.

And for 36 years,
Chuck faithfully kept that promise.

In 1976, he founded Prison Fellowship,
a ministry dedicated to living out Jesus’
command to remember the incarcerated and
share the transformational love of Jesus
Christ with them and their families.

Remembering Chuck Colson

“I could never, ever have left prison
and accomplished what has been accomplished
but for God doing it through me,”
Chuck once said.

Please continue to pray for
the entire Colson family.

While we all deeply feel this loss,
we take heart knowing God has welcomed
Chuck into paradise with a “well done,
good and faithful servant!”

Reported By:
~~Linda D.;
TPNS Community Director

07/02/51 - 02/14/2012
Passed away in prison due to illness

Michael was one of our Texas Prisoners on
TPNS/TX Pen Pals Wanted Web Site.
He was a hugh sports fan, a Dallas Cowboy fanatic,
He played handball in prison, he liked to read and
enjoyed listening to be-bop, rock, & country.
He really like to dance and claimed he was a very good dancer.
He enjoyed working in the garden and going camping,
but fishing was his best thing he liked to do.
He really like all water sports,swimming and diving -like a fish!
He enjoyed midnight swimming, picnics and romance.
In his younger days he lived a wacky outlaw type life.
He was healthy, never been sick a day in his whole life.
He looked forward to living the rest of his life very positively.
He enjoyed debating politics and
he liked Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.
He believed the two greatest things in our world today is
our Children and our Senior Citizens.
Michael married JoAnn while in prison,
they met through this web site,
they were pen pals and fell in love...

*How do I say goodbye,
How do I say goodbye to all our plans and dream?
I thought we'd get to see forever but for ever has gone away,
It's so hard to say good bye.
I don't know where this road will lead me without my hero,
But I'll take with me the memories that we've made.
I still listen for your phone call and still think about visiting,
Then reality hits like a slap in the face.
It really is too hard to say good by to yesterday.
I miss my best friend who taught me to love and laugh.
I don't know how to stop the tears.
~These thoughts by his wife-JoAnn
*From the song;
"It's so hard to say goodby"
By Boyz 2 Men.

He will be missed!

He was Incarcerated for Agg. Robbery
Sentenced 30 Years
He Entered TDCJ in 1995.

Reported By:
~~Linda D.;
TPNS Community Director

April 2008
Died in Prison due to liver cancer.

"It doesn't make a difference if
I was in prison two times before,"
said Smith, "I didn't do this one."
Like the other men,
Smith knew he was lucky
that DNA testing
ultimately cleared him.
"A lot of innocent people
are going to die in prison,"
he said, "I'll guarantee you that."

Yesterday afternoon and I going through
the Texas Innocent Network's Query
looking for the Eagle Speaks' Clients
that we mailed letters to the TIN
to investigate their claims of innocence.
I came across one of our
clients' name [Duke Elliot; 468185]
which stated that TIN accepted
his case and they were doing an ongoing
investigation on his case.
I was delighted to see that TIN
did accepted his case since he has
written to me over the years declaring
his innocence of Agg Murder;
75 Yrs Sentence.
Mr. Elliot has been incarcerated for
over 20 years in TDCJ.

I had his brother's phone number since
that is requested on the documents
that we request our clients
to fill out and complete.
I called Mr. Hill to let him know of his
brother's update from TIN and Mr. Hill
informed me that three weeks ago his brother
[Duke] passed away from cancer of the liver.
Duke had Hep C for a while in prison
which developed into cancer in his liver.

He was in Galveston at the Medical
Prison Hospital when he died.
I was shocked to hear
the news and lost for words.
What do you say to a family member
who knew their loved-one is
innocent of the crime
and watch over the years
his life going down the drain?
"My brother proclaimed his innocence
for over 20 years and while dying,
he still stated that he is innocent."

The Texas Justice System failed again
and we shall suffer another lost of innocence
because no one seemed to care enough to help.

My heart goes out to
his family and friends for the lost
of their loved-one who died
for something he did not do.
I will informed TIN
of Duke's death and that his family
still wants his case to be investigated
so he may one day rest in peace.

Reported By:
~~Linda D.;
TPNS Community Director

10/06/1948 - 02/11/2007
Died in TX Prison
Due to lack of Medical Care.

Morris was one of the
Texas Prisoners on
TX Pen Pals Wanted.

Morris was serving
a Life Sentence
for Possession of Herion
and Aggravated Robbery.
But that does not
give the medical staff
the right to denied
good medical care for
Texas Prisoners!

He will be missed
and always remembered!

DAVID RUIZ - 1972-2005

David Ruiz, 63,
Convict Who Won Reform With
Handwritten Lawsuit
New York Times, United States (AP)

- David Ruiz,
the convict whose handwritten lawsuit
more than three decades ago led to
court-ordered improvements in Texas prisons,
died on Saturday at ...

Inmate who fought for prison reform
dies Houston Chronicle Plaintiff in
long-running prison lawsuit dies

Let his own words
set the record straight.
Ruiz wrote,
in a letter of
July 8, 2004
to John D. Stobo,
President of the
University of Texas Medical Branch,
"I am sixty-two years old, and
denial of medical
treatment constitutes
a conspiracy to murder me slowly."
David Ruiz claimed he was
dying of medical neglect.
He reported harassment
and retaliatory brutality
by everyone from
a petty mailroom dictator
named Pegoda,
to Nurses Fisher,
and Freeman,
to the doctors,
the wardens,
and Major Thomas
and Captain Jones
at Goree.
He knew the value of paper,
and he created a paper trail that
leaves no question about the
circumstances of his death.

According to documents he left behind,
David Ruiz had cancer,
first observed by
UTMB medical staff in 2002.
That cancer was allowed to grow,
unchecked and untreated,
for three years,
and Ruiz was not
even informed
of the fact that he
had cancer until 2005.
He also had Hepatitis C,
which he contracted
on Coffield Unit
as a result of
dangerous and
unsanitary conditions.
After months of filing
writing letters,
and demanding attention,
he was treated minimally and
irregularly for Hepatitis C
for six months;
after six months,
his treatment
was discontinued.
He also had
gall stones (untreated),
cataracts on both eyes (untreated),
hiatal hernia of the esophagus (untreated),
and injuries to
both knees, both ankles,
and his back (all untreated).

In February, 2004,
David Ruiz was told by a doctor
sent by the parole board that he had,
at most, five years to live.
Ruiz wrote at that time,
"I only hope I’ll be able to accomplish
certain things I desire on behalf of
all prisoners who have experienced
and pain
while being confined.
I have seen the face of death
here in prison and have
suffered and endured brutal pain.
I feel death is the end of
my existence in the world
and the beginning of a journey
to the unknown."

A year and nine months later,
on November 13, 2005,
David Ruiz died in custody
at John Sealy hospital.

Kenneth Malone-2004
Died in the Prison Jail
Due to denial of insulin.

Kenneth was fighting hard for
Texas Prisoners' Rights,
both inside and outside

He was one of
The Co-Founders
[Texas Prison
Labor Union].
He was also a
Jailhouse Attorney
and had a civil
law suit against TDCJ
for lack of medical care
within the Prison System.

He will be missed from those
who stood by his side!

In His Memory

Some of the folks may not know the story of Ken Malone,
so I will type a few sentences of back ground.

Ken was in the 1st. 10 of the inside jailhouse lawyers
to join the TPLU and stayed TPLU after release.

He has gone back to school,
working for his Ph. D.
soon at Yale after finishing
studies in the Amarillo area.

He has been acknowledged in
the Austin Statesman as possibly
the best unlicensed Attorney in Texas- Ie.

A jailhouse lawyer on the outside.

Ken was caused to go blind
while inside TDCJ due to retaliation
because of his work inside
as a Jailhouse Lawyer.

Ken used those abilities after release to
continue to confront TDCJ/UTMB and the BPP.

Although Ken has had NOT one problem violating
his parole due to criminal activity the BPP of
Texas has hounded him on a persistent basis
for very minor technical issues.

The battery went out in his leg monitor and
the Sheriff was on hand with in min's to charge
his house and arrest him;
a judge released him.

He traveled to Austin to speak to the legislature
while it was in session,
BPP officers drove behind him and stayed in the same
motel to see that he did not leave the room even to
go out to eat as that was not on the travel plan.

The BPP officers followed him back to Amarillo.

He had notified his PO that he was moving, he gave
adequate advance notice and notified SWB that his ph.
would need reconnect for the leg monitor.

His PO called SWB and gave a different schedule.

BPP was at his door at 7:30 AM the next Monday with
an arrest warrant and they did arrest him because the
phone line was off so his monitor was off.

Ken is in the County jail now waiting on
a revocation hearing.

The posting that goes with this shows
the COLOR of BPP.

I made a formal request complaint to BPP/Ausin
and Mr. Thrasher answered with a "Sweet Spin" response.

This is what I call TDCJ/UTMB/BPP's three paragraph
responses that have words arranged in lines but actually
say/do nothing to address a person complaints.

TDCJ has ADMITTED that it uses FORM responses and
does a little altering to put in names etc.

TDCJ/UTMB and BPP are MASTERS of the "Sweet Spin"
response letter; they have had 100 years to get the
three paragraphs down just so.

Watch/Read/Study the response you have/get in the
future and you will quickly see/understand what I relate.

As Mr. Thrasher now says in his response to my more
pointed E mail to him; every thing lies with Ken's PO
in Amarillo that HAD him arrested in the first place.

Please review Mr. Thrasher's first response to me that
I had sent.

It is a three paragraph "Sweet Spin".

It never told me what the second response did;
WHY NOT tell me up front/first what it took a
second questioning to get??

We ALL know the answer.

As a grievance steward for many,
many years now I have developed a sense in
the question and answer under taking.

All should be aware of this: If the other
party allows you to OR causes you to: Ask the
wrong/inappropriately phrased question-- their
response has no value what so ever to you.

You/We must learn to ask the right question on our own
and have some back ground education on the subject/issue
of the question so You/We can determine 'if'
the answer is legitimate.

Start off by asking questions you KNOW the answer to,
then lead into partially known areas before you ask
any one representing TDCJ/UTMB or BPP a question on
a subject/issue you know nothing about.

In Solidarity!
Dwight Rawlinson

Andrew Bretrum; "Hollywood"
In 2003 He died in TX Prison
Due to lack of Medical Care

Hollywood was one of the first
Texas Prisoners on
TX Pen Pals Wanted.

Hollywood was serving
a Life Sentence
for murder.
But that does not
give the medical staff
the right to denied
medical care for
Texas Prisoners!

He will be missed
and always remembered
his sense of humor
inspite of his incarceration


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