TPNS has received the following
information concerning Salvation Army.

+ Most of their facilities are located in a drug/alcohol fested environment.

+ Their facilities are old, unkept and dirty.

+ The quanity and quality of the food is not adequate.

+ Unqualified/under-paid/short-staffed employees.

+ Clients are forced to go to their Worship Service and
not allowed to go to another type of Church of their choice.
If they do not participate in their Worship Service
then they are punished.

+ Clients that have a job are required to pay a certain percentage of
their paycheck [about 10%] before taxes to Salvation Army.
Salvation Army is a Non-Profit Organization that receives large donations
from other Charities, Organizations, Businesses, Corporations, Networks,
Members, and Individuals.

TDCJ contracts Salvation Army as one of their Vendors, therefore,
Salvation Army also receives funds from TDCJ.
Are they in it to make a profit from the Clients and Others???

+ Families/Friends of Clients 'must' attend a class before
they are allowed visitations with their loved-ones.

+ Clients are radical and dehumanized by staff.

+ Reports of sexual abuse in the facilities by other clients,
staff and others who are not in the parole program.

+ Clients are informed that if they want to leave the program early,
they must have $500.00 in their banking account to do so, otherwise,
they have to stay in the program for the full time that is required.

+ The bed-space that is suppose to be for the Clients are at times given
to non-clients and Clients have to share a bed or sleep on a cot or the floor.

+ Counselors discriminate on which Clients may receive a pass to leave the
facilities to search for a job or other business that the Client needs to
take care of.

+ Salvation Army does not provide good resources such as; employment,
medical, education, services, counseling, etc... for the Clients.

+ And the list goes on...

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