Only in the State of Texas where Drug and Alcohol Counselors as in Gateway,
etc and TDCJ, etc, grandfather into LCDC -Licensed Counselor Drug
Dependency without even any education at the College level at all!

Many of these so called licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors only have
Associates or Bachelors Degrees and take a minimum of courses to qualify
as Drug and Alcohol Counselors. Many have no internships in counseling under
a Graduate Level or PhD Licensed Psychologist as required in most States and
at any Federal Facility in this Country.

All Drug and Alcohol Counselors must in most states have a Masters Degree on
Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Social Work or some other area of
Psychology with Internships in Counseling and testing and measurement
courses and
Practicum's for testing, etc and also have Internship
under a Licensed Masters or PhD Professional.

They must also have besides a Masters Degree a Certified Program of
Drug and Alcohol program.

These Professionals are also Psycho Therapists which none of your so called
Drug and Alcohol Counselors can do in Texas whatsoever plus they can
evaluate for psychological and emotional disorders which no one from
Gateway have experience or Clinical Training to do with such leery
College Degrees and training.

The Texas Commission of Rehabilitation requires all of its State Employees
as "Counselors" in Rehabilitation have a minimum of a Masters Degree in
Rehabilitation or Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling under Counseling
Psychology! Yet we have as Gateway's ad implies people without Degrees,
people with Degrees in Corrections without expertise in Psychology or
Counseling Psychology, etc at AA or BA Levels or without running multi
million dollar programs.

All a Counselor requires is no education and a LCDC or an "Internship" as
Gateway is doing without any supervision of these so called Interns and allows
the Interns to illegally without supervision do client evaluations
and group and individual counseling?

There is not one Psychologist or Psychotherapist or anyone with a Master's
Level Graduate Degree running anything outside of the field of "Corrections"!

The Director of TDCJ Drug and Alcohol program that is doing illegally program
development, evaluation, etc with a Bachelor's Degree in "Corrections"
and with a minimum LCDC few courses as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor in Texas
supervises a multi million dollars program.

This is unheard of in any counseling venture with such qualifications!

Ms Ortiz is exactly the same. I have yet to hear or talk to just 1 person
at the Graduate Level Trained in Vocational Rehabilitation or Rehab at the
Masters level in all of Classification. Not one person in Classification
doing job training or housing has even any training the ADA or
Rehab Legislation or Knowledge.

No wonder Texas is losing money as thousands of inmates must be retrained,
fatter prison with the Texas Rehabilitation Commission costing the State
millions of dollars since TDCJ and Classification has no expertise to do
so and is wasting money! How can one do so when Classification people have no
training in Rehab or Vocational Rehab Degrees but mainly as "Correction people"?

Corrections Personnel are not Rehab Personnel and solely come from and
outlook of "security" only. They have not one ounce of training or education
or experience in neither Rehabilitation nor Vocational Rehabilitation
whatsoever which is a true Psychological and Social Work Model.

Yet, by law the Texas Commission on Rehabilitation requires a Masters for all
its so-called Vocational Rehab Counselors or Rehab Specialists and
Administrators and so does the Federal Government.
No wonder Rehabilitation is failing at TDCJ.
I would gladly come to Texas and offer my time and expertise with the
Legislature to straighten this out and save the State millions lost via
TDCJ and its non compliance with Rehabilitation and Vocational Rehabilitation
which should be done by the Texas Commission of Vocational Rehabilitation
and its expertise.

No wonder disabled inmates are working on "field squads" and in inappropriate
jobs and why they break the ADA and Rehabilitation Acts by TDCJ and
Classification and as well Gateway and TDCJ in its Drug and Alcohol Programs!


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