The Red Road:
A Return To The Circle

(16 Steps of Empowerment)

---> We affirm we have the power
to take charge of our lives
and stop being dependent on
substances or people for our
self-esteem and security.

---> We come to believe the
Great Spirit awakens
the healing wisdom within
us when we open
ourselves to that power.

---> We make a decision to become
our authentic selves and trust in
the healing power of the truth.

---> We examine our beliefs,
addictions and dependent
behavior in the context
of living in a hierarchical
patriarchal culture.

---> We share with another person
and the universe all those things inside
of us for which we feel shame and guilt.

---> We affirm and enjoy our strengths,
talents and creativity, striving not
to hide these qualities
to protect other egos.

---> We become willing to let go
of shame, guilt and any behavior
that keeps us from
loving others and ourselves.

---> We made a list of people
we have harmed and people who
have harmed us and
take steps to clear out
negative energy by making
amends and sharing our
grievances in a respectful way.

---> We express love and gratitude to
others and increasingly appreciate
the wonder of life and
the blessings we do have.

---> We continue to trust our reality
and daily affirm that we see
what we see, we know what we know,
and we feel what we feel.

---> We promptly acknowledge our mistakes
and make amends when appropriate,
but we do not say we are sorry for things
we have not done, and we do not cover up,
analyze, or take responsibility for
the shortcomings of others.

---> We seek out situations,
jobs and people that
affirm our intelligence
and self-worth to
avoid situations or
people who are hurtful,
harmful or demeaning to us.

---> We take steps to heal
our physical bodies,
organize our lives,
reduce stress and have fun.

---> We seek to find our inward calling
and develop the will
and wisdom to follow it.

---> We accept the ups and downs of life
as natural events that can be
used as lessons for our growth.

---> We grow an awareness that we are
all inter-related with all
living things and we contribute
to restoring peace
and balance on Mother Earth.

---> We come to believe the Great Spirit
awakens the healing wisdom
within us when we open
ourselves to that power.


I cannot hide my true spirit and
intent from the Creator.

He created a system of justice.

This system of justice says
we will get back whatever we plant.

If I plant good, then good returns.

If we plant bad, then
we will suffer the consequences.

Whatever we think about another person,
the same things are thought about us.

Whatever we send out is sent back.

Man cannot alter this system of justice.

It doesn’t matter what we say or do.

What really matters is
what we really, really did.

Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

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